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Café intouch  2005 


Intouch is a cafe that specializes in offering a diverse menu, focusing mainly on the multicultural community by offering menu options that have been heard of but rarely tasted. Over the last year there has been a substantial increases in demand for these products. British Muslims have become exhausted with the limited menu options generally opting for vegetarian foods due to no feasible alternative being available. What was once an unknown problem that affected so many British Muslims with no recourse; has become manageable in Bradford.
When intouch was initially opened, it was a new thing for Bradford. We were supplying food that was an everyday thing for western people, but for Muslims, it was a new thing. They could taste food which was now halal and cooked with western recipes. This was a huge step for us and a successful one for us.

Recognizing the importance of human capital, Intouch has assembled a strong management team. Naveed Hussain – Aslam who is the Director of Intouch leads the team. Naveed comes equipped with 10 years of working experience as a Research Scientist; dealing with customers stemming from many cultures and backgrounds. In addition to his industry specific experience, Naveed has had 8 years of management experience. Intouch is an exciting opportunity that addresses the need for these new products.

Intouch is located in Bradford Town Centre in a historical building. This downtown district is a very popular destination because of the historical architecture for weekenders and tourists. It is also a prime location for all the employees of the surrounding downtown businesses. The cafe sells non-foods, Internet café and other health foods Monday through Sunday. 

Intouch offers a wide range of exciting Halal products that can be consumed by Muslims as well as people from other faiths. The products are prepared from authentic English, Indian, Italian recipes. Our target market includes people who are looking for Halal food that is not viewed as traditional. This is a niche market since most cafes or Supermarkets at the moment do not cater for these needs.  The halal products available are generally recipes that originate from the eastern world.

Our strategy focuses on serving a niche market with quality goods. We are determined to become a part of the community - an establishment that becomes as much of the community as a church or local grocery store. To achieve these goals, we will provide the following:


•Friendly, neighbourhood-feel atmosphere.

•Quality cooked goods for everyone to enjoy at a fair price.

•Special diet menus in relation to the advice of local healthcare providers.

•Fresh Food with no added additives


Our competitive edge is not just our quality of goods but also menu options that haven’t been available before. We also have the services of a chef who has such a long service in the catering trade.

We also try out new recipes which are not available at other outlets. We ask for the customers feedback via our website, or by asking the customers.

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